A skintag is a small outgrowth of epidermal and dermal tissue, 1 to 5 mm in diameter and 2-10 mm in height, usually flesh-colored. The common locations for skintags are the neck, arm pits, groin area, eyelids, under breasts or other skinfolds. Skintags come in a variety of shapes (See under ''How do I recognise a skintag?'').

Skintags are very common, wiith a reported incidence of 46% of the general population. Half the sufferers of skintags even have more than 5 skintags on their body.

Do you recognize any of the symptoms below?

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How do you get skintags?

Skintags are thought to occur from skin rubbing up against skin. It is known that certain medical conditions are correlated with skintags, such as obesity, diabetes, insulin resistence and atherosclerosis. Also incidence is higher amongst pregant women.


Why treat skintags?

Skintags are common benign skin lesions for which there is no medical need for treatment. Many people however desire removal of the skintag for cosmetic reasons and/or because skintags have a psychological impact on their quality of life.

Although many sufferers are motivated to the removal of skintags, often the healthcare infrastructure is less interested because skintags are benign and the cost of a clinical intervention can be hard to justify. Excilor Skintag Treatment allows for effective, safe and painless treatment at home.



When to treat a skintag?

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