Common hand warts (verruca vulgaris) and verrucas (verruca plantaris) appear on the skin as small, rough 'cauliflower-like' growths, caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Common warts occur mostly on hands, fingers or toes. Verrucas mainly grow on the soles of the feet or heels and tend to be flatter, harder and are often tender/painful when walking or standing.

Warts and verrucas  are very common, with most people being infected at some point in their life. The estimated current rate of non-genital warts among the general population is 1–13%. They are more common among young people. Because children don't have antibodies yet against the HPV virus, it's that group that suffers from warts and verrucas the most. 53% of wart and verruca suffereres are younger than eighteen

Another high-risk category are patients with a weakened immune system such as cancer patients being treated through chemotherapy or patients with AIDS.


How do you contract warts and verrucas?

The human papillomavirus, which causes warts,and verrucas is being transmitted by direct contact with the skin. On moist surfaces the virus can thrive and be easily transmitted. Therefore, changing room floors, public showers and swimming pools are a possible source of infection. The risk of contamination increases when the skin suffers from a minor wound.

Children are a high-risk group because of the activities they undertake and have a higher change of suffering from small skin wounds. Moreover by visiting swimming pools, holiday camps and school gyms they are in locations that are likely to be infected.


Why treat warts and verrucas?

In most cases warts and verrucas are more annoying than damaging to your health. Especially when they occur on the face, hands or feet they can be a nuisance and can also look very unhygienic. top Warts and verrucas can easily start to bleed when they come in contact with a sharp object. If you leave untreated, warts and veruccas can become painful, especially when they are located on the soles of your feet and you strain your body by moving around differently to relieve the pain. Effective treatment can help you get rid of warts.and verrucas.

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  • Wear rubber-soled flip-flops or sandals in public locker rooms and showers.