Nail Fungus Infection?
Be smart. Act Now!

Fungal nail infections can look and feel unpleasant and unhygienic. The infection is contagious and progressive and will get worse if left untreated, so early detection and treatment is key.

Wart or Verruca?
Stop spreading them. Treat them!

Warts & verrucas are caused by a viral infection - they appear mostly on the hands and feet and can become painful and are very contagious if left untreated.




At Excilor we specialise in the treatment of Nail Fungus and Warts. 

We offer a full range of solutions to address your specific Hand & Foot Health needs. Our products are clinically proven to be effective and can be easily used at home for your convenience.

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Nail Fungus & Nail Care
Nail Fungus & Nail Care

Nails are susceptible to various infections and issues that can compromise both their health and physical appearance. Excilor offers a range of clinically proven products to treat your nails and restore their strength and health

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Warts & Verrucas
Warts & Verrucas

Warts & Verrucas are viral skin infections that are highly contagious and can potentially be painful. Excilor offers a range of products to treat your warts safely from the comfort of your home.

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