Excilor Skin tags treatment, available EXCLUSIVELY at Lloyds Pharmacy

How do I recognize a skin tag?

A skin tag is a small growth of epidermal and dermal tissue, 1 to several mm in size, usually flesh-coloured. The common locations for skin tags are the neck, arm pits, groin, eyelids, under the breasts. Skin tags come in a variety of shapes.

Skin tags, warts and moles sometimes get confused:

  • A skin tag is flesh-coloured, stands straight up from the skin and is soft and flexible.
  • A wart has a cauliflower-structure and black spots.
  • A mole is mostly flat and dark coloured.

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Skin tags Treatment
/ Skin tags

  • Effective removal within 6 days
  • Easy home use
  • Safe & hygienic
  • No pain
  • Clinically proven effective

What makes Excilor Skin tag Treatment special?

Clinically proven effective and safe on 177 skin tags. Studies show the treatment is painless and gives an excellent cosmetic result


Excilor Skin tag Treatment with SafeFix Technology has a unique and patented mode of action